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The hardest part of successful head lice control has always been the removal of  the lice eggs or nits - we have words that describe the problem - e.g., nit-picking, and that we are having a "lousy" time.  Safe Solutions Lice R Gone® has finally solved the head lice and nit problems safely and far more effectively.  Nits literally are removed in 10 to 15 minutes without combing!  The Institute of Pest Management, Inc and the author of THE BEST CONTROL II have tested and found Safe Solutions Lice R Gone® to be the safest, fastest and most economical lice and nit removal solution on the market, priced at just over a dollar per treatment, you simply can't afford to use anything else!  One 8 oz. bottle is enough to treat an entire family's infestation. Lice R Gone® is registered as a Medical Device by the FDA and is protected by two patents in the USA, Canada and Australia. It is the only real money-back guarantee on the market today.

Lice R Gone® is safe and contains no volatile pesticide POISONS.
Lice R Gone® is a FDA registered Medical Device.
Lice R Gone® has passed dermal and occular sensitivity lab tests.
Lice R Gone® is fast and removes lice and nits in about 10 minutes*.
Lice R Gone® is economical with individual treatments costing a little over a dollar.
Lice R Gone® is Guaranteed - MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
See the various cost and toxicity comparisons at: http://www.licergone.com/comparison.htm 
See the testimonials at: http://www.licergone.com/testimonial.htm
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See the video and watch how Lice R Gone® works: http://www.licergone.com/Safe_Solutions_Lice-R-Gone.mpg
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*If you have previously used a pediculicide shampoo, these nits may take 30 minutes to be safely removed with Lice R Gone® and a comb. 

How to purchase - http://www.safesolutionsinc.com

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